Paramus Wrist Fracture Treatment

Paramus Wrist Fracture Treatment

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Treating a Wrist Fracture in Paramus

Paramus Wrist Fracture Treatment
Paramus Wrist Fracture Treatment

When you have fractured your wrist, you need immediate and expert care to make certain your injury heals well and full function is restored. If you are looking for exceptional Paramus wrist fracture treatment, the North Jersey Joint Care Center can provide you with the care you need. Dr. Michael DiStefano leads a team of top professionals at the North Jersey Joint Care Center. He is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon who specializes in providing the most technologically advanced treatments to patients suffering from disorders of the musculoskeletal system. Dr. DiStefano is widely known for performing new minimally invasive procedures and utilizing the most advanced technology to provide patients with the best possible outcome. With his distinctive background and his keen and analytic approach to orthopedics, his treatment of musculoskeletal injuries is unique and catered to each patients’ individual needs.

A wrist fracture is a medical term for a broken wrist. The wrist is made up of eight small bones which connect with the two long forearm bones called the radius and ulna. Although a broken wrist can happen in any of these 10 bones, by far the most common bone to break is the radius. This is called a distal radius fracture by hand surgeons. Some wrist fractures are stable. “Non-displaced” breaks, in which the bones do not move out of place initially, can be stable. Some “displaced” breaks (which need to be put back into the right place, called “reduction” or “setting”) also can be stable enough to treat in a cast or splint. Other fractures are unstable. In unstable fractures, even if the bones are put back into position and a cast is placed, the bone pieces tend to move or shift into a bad position before they solidly heal. This can make the wrist appear crooked. To understand the type of Paramus wrist fracture treatment you need, a physical examination and x-rays are done.

There are two options for Paramus wrist fracture treatment: non-surgical or surgical. Most of the time, the bones can be realigned by manipulating them without surgery. A cast, splint or fracture-brace is applied to immobilize the bones and hold them in place. This ensures that the bones remain fixed in place. The cast will be worn for three to six weeks. Gentle wrist exercises can probably be started after the cast is removed. Surgical options are considered only if the non-surgical solution has failed, or if the injury is severe. If you have sustained a wrist fracture, don’t hesitate to give Dr. DiStefano a call.

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